Baraboo Tours is proud to offer two new virtual tours for 2020. 



Historic virtual tour -  This is a pre-recorded tour of Baraboo that can be watched at your convenience with your family or friends.  You need to only purchase one ticket for your group and best watched on a laptop. With this tour you will be able to see inside two of Baraboo's hidden gems:  The 1st wardrobe department and the Al. Ringling Theatre.  Cost is $5.00 and is available year around. 




Live Zoom Ghost Tours -  From Memorial Day to Labor Day on Thursday's and Saturday's  at 8:30 pm. join Baraboo Tours staff for a Ghost tour of the downtown where you will get to hear about the ghost that put the Boo-Baraboo.   This tour is 45 minutes long and you only need to purchase one ticket for your group.  Best watched on a laptop.  Please sign on around 8:25pm.  We will put you into a virtual waiting room then start the tour at 8:30 pm.  Please turn off your microphones and video camera.   Cost is $10 per ticket.